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Water Meter & Irrigation Manifold

Haynes Engineering has over 20 years experience as irrigation and water meter manifold specialists. This experience will save you valuable time and money by helping you to install both your own pre-made manifold and meter.

The benefit of self installation saves you the costs of fitting the manifold, and allows you to shop around and find the lowest price for your water meters.

Haynes Engineering is happy to come on site and measure & quote for the manifold ready for you to install. Your Quote will include all manifold materials, rubber gaskets, galvanized nuts & bolts and support stands & cementing. On completion you will also receive a simple and self explanatory plan with advice on how to fit the manifold and meter together. We are also happy to help you install the manifold.

  • Water Meter Sales (Electronic, Paddle Wheel & Mechanical Turbine)
  • Irrigation Water Meter Manifold & Installation
  • On-Site Quotes & Installation
  • Water Meter Stands
  • PVC Sales
  • Galvanized Nuts & Bolts, Elbows, Flanges & Rubber Gaskets
  • Pump Sheds (Measured & Installed to specification)
  • All aspects of General Engineering & Repairs
  • Stainless & Aluminium Welding
  • Plastic Welding (eg Water Tanks, Motorbike body repairs, Wheelie Bins)
  • Trailers & Stock Crates
  • Steel Sales

Majecweigh Scales & Portable Weigh Bridge Systems:

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